Facebook censorshipThe first 5 minutes of the new semi hit “Thrive” Documentary, made it very clear to me, what type of ideology it was promoting. Only the Church of Scientology would have that sort of budget, and will to infiltrate, New Age Underground Movements such as the Zeitgeist Movment. Except, that there is a complete 180°, this cult and the Documentary Thrive, are for a Hyper-Capitalist System. As if Neo-Liberals such as Alan Greenspan and Free Market Enforcers such as George Bush, or even Charles Dickens, had not taught us, that an over reliance on Capitalism always goes astray.

“Thrive” mixes, semi-reliable interviewees such as the wife of L. Ron Hubbard (1), and Nassiem Haramein. And the part about Alien Archeology, well that is a very important point to expand on. Mr. Hubbard, when he was still alive, had been accused by several witness testimonies, of raping little boys (including current leader of the sect David Miscavige) while sailing the World under the pretense of researching Alien Archeology. All versions of the old BBC special have been deleted from video sites, and threatened by the Church’s gorilla squad of corrupt lawyers. There are many videos on the internet, still available, but not as hard hitting, as before. Nothing the Church wouldn’t be able to deny to their followerers who are still young. Also Hubbard admitedly said he had created a religion based on the worship of Capitalism. So why would this be important anyway? Everyone knows the Church is filled with poor Xenu freaks, who’s god killed billions of people in a volcano, and which costs an average member up to $20,000 per  per year, right?

Nick BernabeToday, there is the big debate of too much Capitalism, or not enough. And I bet most of the World is leaning toward, the fact that there is already too much. Too much misery, pain, and debt slavery, for this World to have even accomplished the slightest drop of the seas of equality, Governments and leaders promise on a daily basis.

If there were no Countries there would be no Wars to fight, and if there were no Wars to fight, well every one would want to get along all of the time. Squares don’t want that. And so, they are investing in a religion based on the love for money.

And when you think, that Alien dissinformation started with the CIA trying to dssinform the Soviets, it makes you wonder who the real enemy is and what is going to happen in 2012. All of these huge Corporate Conspiracies being censored, even on Facebook, how do they all plan to get away with it, in this Democratic World?

Well, what if the Church of Scientology, was actually a mind control program for the CIA(2)? That might explain how the Church shut the teethy mouth of the IRS(3), and never has to pay taxes, even though it has been proven by many respectable Countries around the World  to not be a religion. And if that is, we are being lead into a future which is not so bright, but very grim, and more to the tune of techno-cratic Hyper-Capitalist Dystopia.

A future, that only people who Nuclear bombed beautiful desert Islands in the pacific ocean, Native Indians in the Desert, and American soldier to see at what radiuses caused what levels of radiation. A bunch of sheep, who have been bought and empowered by another round of Fascist Ideology. But this time it is being hidden behind, a kind black president, who looks innocent. Just like the H1N1 Pharmaceutical Bail out was(4).If you watch this video link, you will see a man, who does the opposite of Hitler, he stays very calm, but sells you the same salad(5). Remember this is a Scientologist speaking, who had to create some unimaginative abbreviation for TVP, Twelve Vision Party. Think where Scientology could fit in the Reaganist CIA Highjacked by Fascists mentality. In an era of Youtube dissinformation.

It is important to start thinking first and foremost, what our opposition is. If we truely want a free world, and even if I may be wrong, or conspiricizing; it is a fantasy, worth observing. Because the Zeitgeist Movement promotes a sane ideology, as long as it is allowed to accept intelligent thoughts and precautions openly, and promotes a possible absolute eliteless equality, which would go against a proft based obviously class tensioned society. The Venus Project suffered from this, when it was accused of being Scientologist, but who owns the Zeitgeist Exposed Blog(6)? Doesn’t seem very sourced. Zeitgeist was also a very low budget Documentary, compared to Thrive(7). Peter Joseph actually made it all himself, music and everything. And also remember that the Vatican funded Nazism.(8)


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    • StephenHenry says:

      Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with Anarchadia on this one. Sorry slaves, you started calling everyone a dipshit too soon for my liking.

  1. Alan Knight says:

    John what is the old B.B.C documentary, I have a way of finding things and if it’s film/video then I WILL find it because somebody somewhere will have a copy lol You can trust me on that 😛 If I find it I will also download it, if it’s taken down then I have my own sites which I won’t take down all up until the police are kicking my door down then I wipe the computer rofl.

  2. Wilday says:

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  3. Rudolf says:

    Your writing style is phenomenal as is your information in this article. You managed to keep things upbeat and engaging here while giving your readers some things to think about.

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