Adrian Lamo was arrested by the FBI in 2003, and since has played the populist U.S Government informant, who pretended to be an Occupy sympathizer on his website. And of course, he also plays the” not a bad guy” for putting an American hero in jail, Bradley Manning. Adrian Lamo acts like a homing device for luring corruptable hackers into working at discrediting hackers Worldwide. Anyone can be a hacker, and most of them aren’t wealthy. Matter of fact, some refuse to help and Government no matter how much money they pay. But one day if the Fascists win, they will, and if they don’t… their friends will die until they do!

“ I have always said that actions have consequences, and this is something that I was always aware might happen. ” Adrian Lamo

I found this article which says that Alex Jones has affiliations with the CIA, and then goes on to say that Lamo is somehow not CIA, while also discrediting him. Seemed funky, because it discredits a hacker’s post which linked Adrian Lamo to being the owner of Which is exactly what they were discrediting Alex Jones as being, takes one to one I guess. As if they were trying to hide it, from any truth savvy individual. It is not a secret that the U.S Military and Intelligence Agencies are building up Ron Paul. The crisis now, is that the rich can no longer control the poor and this frightens them. Therefore the only thing that they say will work, is deeper debt slavery and oppression. When Capitalism has done this in the past only to protect the interests of those who own most of everything, we called it Fascism. Beware history repeats itself, until we are smart enough to avert the repetitions!

” The CIA has been known to pay off the Alex Jones radio show for spreading laughable conspiracies which disarm public suspicion in regards to the failures of FEMA after hurricane Katrina. ” – Internet Chronicle






  1. Julie says:

    yeah and the whole anonymous thing is so obsiously cointelpro/cia. They never really accomplish anything with all their supposed hacking power. They only deliver the information that they WANT is to know. They also claim that the real truthseekers/whistleblowers are somehow the enemy and go after us.

  2. Jackson Jackal says:

    Anonymous is a psy ops, their main mission is to continue COINTELPRO and surveillance and dismantling of information.

    Anonymous is filled with statist, and government agents who support the War machine.

    Anonymous also hacks and blackmails and wiretaps so called “Radicals”

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