There is not a more destructive drug out on the market than crystal meth, not something new, I am sure you have heard this before.

Newport Beach Where Andrea Nelson Was Murdered, 20 Years Old

The U.S Government has a long history of funding and supporting the distribution of illegal drugs, in order to fund right-wing fascist activities such as war operations, all around the world, since the Vietnam War, at least. From cocaine to crack cocaine, and from LSD to heroin, by golly, the U.S Government has helped sell and fund them all.  And what better drug than crystal meth? You can make it on U.S territory. And it even gets people motivated to work, so that they can buy more drugs. What do I have to support these claims?

Well the U.S Government insurged a capitalist coup in China, in the 90’s, so that corporations like Nike and Microsoft,  could enslave the chinese people for more profit, while on the international level, just like Russia after CIA Putin, continued to make threats. No better enemy to make threats at than a cloaked friend. And then China became suddenly addicted to crystal meth towards the end of the 1990’s. Working class men and women, working for corporations who needed some sort of stimulus, started buying Batu (crystal meth). It became a big city epidemic.

There was also under the Obama administration, Operation Fast and Furious, which involved the ATF providing mexican drug cartels with automatic weapons. Call me a conspiracist, but those guns went on to kill a lot of poor mexicans, for drugs America could have grown for free! So now please indulge me by reading this little story, which was shared by a mother who has lived through terrible terrible agony, and lost a daughter, because of the corruptness of the U.S Illegal drug market, as well as capitalism in general:

Homayan “Ray” Bakhtar

Jan. 27, 2003, Andrea Nelson 20 years old, at New Port Beach Harbour, is drugged, raped, allegedly videotaped “snuff”, killed and brought to the hospital dead. Homayan “Ray” Bakhtar, said he had consensual sex with Andrea, and that she had died naturally from a drug over-dose. Now I don’t know if the name caught your attention but Bakhtar is an arab name. I traced the name back to Iran (Bakhtar’s father was a high ranking Iranian official, and Johar has since moved to Dubai). But this seemed very strange to me, I know America is the land of equal opportunity and all (yeah right), but still. Wouldn’t be the first time the CIA hires foreigners to do the dirty work in America. In any case, Andrea had been a witness in an investigation involving her boyfriend Sammy Johar (bing another arab name), and had identified meth labs, drugs, prostitution ring, and police corruption (Tustin Police Department as well other U.S Government Agents), all under the front of a strip club, to law enforcement. Bakhtar and Johar knew each other. Johar probably worked under Bakhtar playing the sugar daddy for strippers, who were being prostituted, as well as used to sell narcotics. So the main theory is that Bakhtar was told by corrupt government officials, to kill Andrea, who had witnessed their whole operation.

Linda Cator points to where her daughter was murdered

On the night of Andrea’s death, she had been witnessed 2 hours earlier completely sober, and later the police investigation revealed wrong doing: “The bruises could clearly be seen around the neck, wrist and ankles when the photographs are blown up 300 percent. “ And even worse: “According to details supplied to this reporter, Andrea Nelson died while Homayan Ray Bakhtar videotaped his rape of the decedent, Andrea Nelson, resulting in the filming of a pornographic ‘snuff film.'”

Johar left the country, and Bakhtar stayed to slander Andrea’s mother: “Cator is pursuing conspiracy theories instead of coming to terms with her own failings as a mother.” Andrea died in Bakhtar’s multi-million dollar house (video), and there are many discrepancies in his official statement, stating for instance, that he had no relation with Andrea’s sugar daddy Johar.

What makes this case even stranger, is that police officers were used to transport these stripper/drug dealing/prostitutes, and doing security for the strip club. And as you can see in that video, the part of the house where Andrea was allegedly raped, was professionally stripped of any physical proof of the murder. Photos of the house show that violence had been commited, as well as discovery of GHB, inside the house. No autopsy was conducted, and every attempt by Andrea’s mother Linda Cator in seeking justice, has been denied; even after having spent more than $60,000 in legal fees, and having been addressed incompetent lawyers to solve her case. Here is Linda’s full statement, as there is no better fiction, than truth:

August 9, 2010

Office of the Chief Trial Counsel/Intake
The State Bar of California
1149 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, California 90015-2299
(213) 765-1000

all about crystal meth abuseTo Whom It May Concern,
My name is Linda Cator and I am the mother of a murdered daughter, Andrea Nelson. I am writing this letter to inform you and to document the unethical practices and abuses I suffered by three professionals hired to represent me in a wrongful death lawsuit
while seeking Justice for my daughter’s murder. Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, Private Investigator Scott Shaw and Attorney Len Chaitin were retained by me in the course of the case of wrongful death filed on behalf of my daughter, Andrea Nelson. This
letter will provide a brief accounting of the circumstances surrounding my daughter, Andrea Nelson, her rape and murder, followed by a discourse of the intentional, deceptive tactics and the ongoing and residual damage the above named professionals
inflicted upon my family and I.

On the night of January 27, 2003, my daughter, Andrea Nelson was taken to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, Ca. With no pulse, cold to the touch and in a comatose state, it became apparent that she had already expired. She was driven to the hospital in her
own car by a much older man, Homayan Bakhtar. Because Mr. Bakhtar told the hospital staff that he had had sex with Andrea earlier that night, a ludicrous proposition, the hospital refused to do a rape kit. Mr. Bahktar’s home was searched, at which time GHB,
amphetamine paraphernalia and marijuana were found. Andrea had left our home approximately 2 hours earlier, completely sober. However, her death was immediately labeled as a drug overdose. No drugs or paraphernalia of any kind was found on her
person or in her vehicle, nor did Andrea have any sort of criminal record. Prior to this night, Andrea had been an informant for the police in several cities and her name as such was released to the public just hours before her death. The details of the investigation
into her death are available at any time.

Late in 2005, I met with Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez at the firm in which he was employed seeking help with the wrongful death of my daughter Andrea. Initially the Firm declined the case. The following day I received a phone call from Mr.
Fernandez who offered to quit his job at the Law Firm and take my case on full time with the condition that I also hire his Private Investigator, Scott Shaw. Prior to this, I had been in pro per. I met with both Mr. Fernandez and Mr. Shaw and my witness; they both expressed their eagerness to work on my daughter’s case. Welcoming the opportunity to retain help with Andrea’s case, I entered into a contract with Mr. Fernandez agreeing to pay his fee at $100.00 an hour. At no time did I enter into any contract with Mr.Shaw; however it was my understanding that Mr. Shaw would also be working on my daughter’s case. A second attorney, Mr. Len Chaitin, recommended by Mr. Fernandez, was retained and is named in this complaint. Mr. Fernandez explained that Mr. Chaitin would assist him as well with the case.

Record of Unethical Practices and Abuses:

During the time Mr. Fernandez and Mr. Shaw represented me in the wrongful death lawsuit for my murdered daughter, Andrea Nelson, several instances of the Attorney/Client confidentiality were violated and other abuses were intentionally inflicted upon me.

Mr. Fernandez insisted I allow Mr. Shaw to investigate my case. During the course of Mr. Shaw’s investigation, Private Investigator Shaw began providing me with details relative to my case that were clearly untrue. For example, Mr. Shaw related to me
that my niece and witness for Andrea’s case had been beaten up and was in a coma. Mr. Shaw advised me that I should in no way attempt to contact my niece or her family. This was of course completely false. Mr. Shaw at that time refused to discuss my daughter’s
case with me, which resulted in several meetings and many very long phone calls. I discussed these and other allegations regarding Mr. Shaw at length with my attorney, Mr. Fernandez. It was my request that Mr. Shaw be dismissed from the case. Mr. Fernandez
refused. At a later date, the following website was discovered revealing Mr. Shaw’s unethical practices. (http://www.scottshaw.info/

After my daughter was murdered, I chose to hire an independent Pathologist, Dr. Harry Bonnell, who reached a different conclusion as to the cause of my daughter’s death. Dr. Bonnell, an expert witness for San Diego District Attorney’s Office, was willing to be an expert witness for my case at no charge. When I approached Mr. Fernandez regarding Dr. Bonnell, Mr. Fernandez advised me against using Dr. Bonnell’s findings and testimony and informed me that I must hire a different pathologist John C. Hiserodt Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Phone: (714) 969-5291), at the cost of $1500. However Mr. Fernandez further advised me I could not have any contact with him. I did as Mr. Fernandez advised and paid the $1500 Mr. Hiserodt after which I received no report as to his findings and he did not testify at trial.

A journalist, who had followed the death of my daughter and had written 5 stories in the OC Weekly, contacted me informing me that he was requesting a meeting with me privately regarding Investigator Shaw. We made a date for lunch for the following Monday. On Sunday evening, Mr. Fernandez contacted me. Invoking my attorney client privilege, I told him about the lunch appointment. I appealed to him not to relate that I had made an appointment with the journalist. Violating Attorney/Client privilege and
against my express request to keep the meeting confidential, Mr. Fernandez provided Mr. Shaw with the meeting details. The following morning the journalist called me and cancelled our meeting because Mr. Shaw called him revealing that he, Mr. Shaw was privy to our meeting. After that the journalist refused to speak to me ever again and never wrote another article.

Investigator Shaw began to tell me that Attorney; Mr. Fernandez had been exhibiting bizarre behaviors. He inferred that Mr. Fernandez was making pornographic films. Mr. Shaw gave me a website to verify this called “The Adventures of Storm,
(Mr. Fernandez) and Spanky”. Web address listed below. At this time Mr. Shaw also informed me that Mr. Fernandez was possibly using crack. I again requested that Mr. Fernandez fire Mr. Shaw. Again, Mr. Fernandez refused to do so. http://www.radio.galaxystorm.com/stormspankytv.htm

At Mr. Fernandez’ request, I began therapy sessions deemed important in proving the damages to my case. Approximately 2 years later, during a deposition in Los Angeles, California, opposing counsel asked if I was in therapy. I responded that yes I had been in
therapy. At break, Mr. Fernandez screamed at me for answering the attorney honestly. He stated that he feared that the records of my therapy would be subpoenaed. Subsequently, much of my therapy consisted of issues brought on by both my attorney, Mr. Fernandez
and P.I. Mr. Shaw, regarding the abuses I was suffering at their hands. This is well documented.

Over the approximately three and one-half years that Mr. Fernandez represented me, I repeatedly requested monthly statements showing the details of what I was being billed for. In response, I received e-mails from Mr. Fernandez which contained invoices
on which he wrote abusive notes. On the invoices were written words such as, “looney” and calling me “crazy”. I refused to pay invoices with such abusive comments and requested him to reword such invoices. He refused to send any other invoices to me.

I had asked Mr. Fernandez, in confidence that I did not wish to know the details of my daughter, Andrea’s death, unless it was absolutely necessary and pertinent to my case. During a break at one of my many day long depositions, Mr. Fernandez
insisted that he had to tell me the brutal details of my daughter’s rape, torture and murder. I again implored him to not reveal this information to me. Mr. Fernandez continued to insist I had to know. Standing in a parking lot Mr. Fernandez outlined the
details as follows: several men dragged my daughter (with a towel wrapped around her neck) upstairs at the defendant’s home, beat her, tied her to a bed, raped her while strangling her, then shot her with cocaine to revive her, and further strangled and raped
her. He also went on to claim that a snuff film had been made of her murder. And that the eye witness to the murder was beaten senseless with a baseball bat and would not be able to testify. Mr. Fernandez said the photos showed bruises from the ties around her wrists, ankles, and neck, bruises on her hand, blood in her nose, and blood on her hands as well as the mattress. While Mr. Fernandez told me these things, my girlfriend who had accompanied me to the deposition was crying, begging Mr. Fernandez not to tell me
these details. I collapsed in the parking lot. Mr. Fernandez left. After this event, I obtained a signed agreement from Mr. Fernandez that henceforth he would handle potentially-traumatizing conversations with my husband.


During one deposition it was revealed that yet another confidential statement I
had made to Mr. Fernandez regarding the recent death of my nephew to my complete
shock, opposing council brought up the subject of my nephew’s death which was
irrelevant to my case and clearly violated my Attorney/Client privilege.

During a conversation I had with Mr. Fernandez, Mr. Fernandez informed me that
he and Mr. Shaw were members of a motorcycle club and that he, Mr. Fernandez,
represented the Hell’s Angels. Mr. Shaw confirmed this and added that he, Mr. Shaw had
personally recruited Mr. Fernandez. Fernandez as well sent me emails of pictures of him
verifying what he had told me about. Later, when Mr. Fernandez became abusive to me, I
remembered his associations with the Hell’s Angels and the Motor Cycle Club causing
me to fear for my own safety.

At several different depositions during break, Mr. Fernandez acted
inappropriately, asking 3 different friends of mine who accompanied me, to feel his
muscles, as he bragged about his chest and arms.

The next section of this letter establishes the Record of Unethical Practices and Abuses
by Attorney Len Chaitin:

After several depositions, and a few years of Andrea’s case being delayed and
postponed, and my repeated requests that we move on to trial, the following events
occurred. Mr. Fernandez informed me that P. I. Shaw had been found guilty of perjury in
another case and therefore would not be testifying at Andrea’s trial. A few weeks later,
Mr. Fernandez phoned me and informed me that his doctor had assigned him to complete
bed rest and that he could no longer practice law. He advised me of my options, those
being that I could go pro per, find another attorney, or go with his recommendation. He
recommended Attorney Len Chaitin and informed me that Mr. Chaitin was quite familiar
with my case as Mr. Fernandez had been consulting Mr. Chaitin throughout the case. I
informed Mr. Fernandez that I preferred that he, Mr. Fernandez, remain on the case. He
replied, “Fuck You” and hung up on me. He then called my husband, Andrew Cator, and
notified my husband that he, Mr. Fernandez, would transfer the balance of $20,000, held
in trust for my case to Attorney Len Chaitin. This phone call would be our last contact
with Attorney Fernandez and Investigator Shaw.

A short time later, I contacted Mr. Chaitin, who assured me that he was up to date
on Andrea’s wrongful death case. He informed me that I would be deposed twice more.
At the first scheduled deposition, he instructed me to bring a box of personal records
mentioned at a prior date. Attorney Mr. Chaitin did not show up for the deposition but
sent another attorney to represent me. This substitute attorney turned over everything in
the box, including original copies of documents that to date have never been returned,
to opposing counsel. During a break, I told this substitute attorney that there was a
personal and confidential document in the box, protected by Attorney/Client privilege
that he shouldn’t have given opposing counsel. The substitute attorney began crying and


called Attorney Mr. Chaitin. Mr. Chaitin arrived reassuring me that it would be fine for
opposing counsel to have the information. Mr. Chaitin left, and the substitute attorney
and I returned to the deposition.

Prior to the next deposition, I implored my Attorney, Mr. Chaitin, to attend and
represent me. Instead, he sent yet another substitute attorney. Although I am the victim
in this scenario and have never been a witness to any crime but for facts revealed in the
investigation, opposing counsel proceeded to speak to me in a loud and abusive manner.
When opposing counsel continued with this line and tone of questioning, my substitute
attorney confronted opposing counsel. Opposing counsel then demanded that I say
whether or not I believed in God. When I refused, my substitute attorney stopped the
deposition and would not allow any more depositions. He said there was no reason for me
to be put through these kinds of depositions. When we left, he told me he had never in
his career seen anything like what had just happened.

Over the one and one-half years Mr. Chaitin was retained by me, I repeatedly
requested a meeting with Mr. Chaitin. Every request for a meeting was denied.

On the Thursday before trial was to begin, Mr. Chaitin told me that the first two days
of trial would be jury selection. The next evening, after court was closed, Mr. Chaitin
phoned me, informing me that he had waived jury trial, telling me that the trial would be
handled by the Judge. I informed Mr. Chaitin that a trial by Judge was not acceptable,
that I had been guaranteed a jury trial by both Mr. Fernandez as well as himself; I indeed
wanted a jury trial. Mr. Chaitin informed me that it was too late to change this, and he
had the Judge’s sympathy.

On the morning of trial, Mr. Chaitin refused to talk with me. Mr. Chaitin subpoenaed
no witnesses on behalf of my case, though two of my daughter’s friends were credible
witnesses who were at the defendant’s house just one week prior to the night of my
daughter’s murder. Neither were any Police Officers, my daughter’s bosses and
associates from work, any and all doctors, anyone from Orange Coast College where
Andrea attended as a full time student nor her dentist, who had treated Andrea the very
afternoon of the evening Andrea was murdered, were called to the trial. Mr. Chaitin
did not submit into evidence my daughter’s own writings relevant to the case. Further,
Mr. Chaitin did not submit any medical reports which were pertinent to the wrongful
death claim. I was never questioned on the stand as to being the last person with her
just two hours before her death. While I was on the stand, the confidential document
mentioned previously was used as opposing counsel’s line of questioning. I finally had
no choice than to make objection to this question while on the stand. The judge finally
agreed to hear me out and “my objection” was sustained. Although I was questioned
regarding the depositions I had made. I had never received the depositions to review,
correct or approve. Opposing counsel entered a photo into evidence that had never been
disclosed during discovery. When Mr. Chaitin did not object, I objected a second time.
Mr. Chaiten then removed me from my own trial. I was never even given an opportunity
to be prepped for the trial of my life. My trial lasted altogether approx. 1 hour. No jury


trial, no witness and no evidence were presented on behalf of my daughter. Two of my
daughter’s friends were in the courtroom to watch. Mr. Chaitin called them to witness
even though he hadn’t met with them or prepared them as witnesses. He asked them no
questions that would have brought forth answers incriminating to the defendant. Instead,
he made them look foolish. The defendant never even took the stand.

Mr. Chaitin’s questioning of a police officer who was there as a witness for the
defendant included no questions in which the answers would have incriminated the
defendant. I.E., he asked no questions that would have revealed that two bottles of GHB
cocaine –amphetamine paraphernalia, and marijuana were collected from the defendant’s
home. Also found in the defendants home was a video tape apparatus and lighting over
the bed. No questions were asked that might explain the items collected from the
defendant’s home. Further, Mr. Chaitin asked the officer no questions about the bloody
sheets, mattress, or the bruises or ligature marks that Mr. Fernandez had told me about
All of this information and witness testimony would have been crucial evidence that my
daughter had been murdered justifying a wrongful death claim.

After trial, I expressed my distress to Mr. Chaitin about his lack of knowledge
regarding the facts demonstrated at trial. He answered me by stating, “I never believed
that man had anything to do with the death of your daughter,” and walked away leaving
all of us standing in complete shock. Surly this disclosure, the fact that he didn’t believe
my daughter was murdered led him to mishandle what happened at trial. If I had been
informed of his opinion, I would certainly have chosen other representation.

A few months later, Mr. Chaitin notified me that he had to appeal the case or the
defendant could sue me. I asked him to bring to the Appeal my entire file. Instead, he
brought a large portrait of my daughter, made and mounted for her funeral. The portrait
was water damaged, warped, and ripped. It caused me severe emotional distress that
these two attorneys had cared so little for my daughter they hadn’t even protected this
special portrait of my beautiful daughter, a cost of almost $300.00 to replace. A portrait
left in the trunk of his car for almost two years, showing no care was taken in regards to
my property.

My husband made several appointments during the following months to pick up my
entire file from Mr. Chaitin. He told my husband that we would need a truck to retrieve
our file, it was that large. At least four times, Mr. Chaitin cancelled these appointments
the night preceding. He finally had my husband pick up the records, but a great deal of
the file was missing. None of P. I. Shaw’s private investigative work was included. None
of the substantial Coroners records, including all Coroner photos were included in the
file. Mr. Chaitin returned did not even return to me many of my depositions which as
I stated before, were not given to me to review at any time, He included in the records
about 25 unopened Fed Ex packages from opposing counsel, proving that he and Mr.
Fernandez did not review this information from opposing counsel. All of my attorneys’
correspondence with opposing counsel was missing. Nothing that I turned over to Mr.
Fernandez which was a good box or two was returned. My trial transcripts are missing.


Included in the materials Mr.Chaitin gave my husband him were: numerous
documents from other people’s cases, many of Mr. Chaitin’s bank statements and
personal letters, several depositions stamped “original” from other people’s cases, a thick
murder investigation on another case and a well-used Hustler Magazine.

I sent a certified letter to Mr. Chaitin informing him that he did not return the
entire contents of my case file and neglected to provide a statement of his costs. In the
letter I requested that he do both. The letter came back to me stamped “Not Able to

During the time Mr. Chaitin represented me, I repeatedly asked him for monthly
statements. To date, he has never provided me any statements showing costs, etc.

In Summary:

Not only did I have to deal with the trauma and grief of my daughter’s brutal
murder and unexpected premature death, Attorneys Fernandez and Chaitlin and Private
Investigator Shaw caused me additional emotional trauma and grief by their failures to
abide by numerous Rules of Professional Conduct. I paid these two attorneys and the PI.
Approximately $150,000.00————- over the course of approximately 5 years. Mr.
Fernandez gave me statements with emotionally and mentally abusive notes in them.
Mr. Chaitin never gave me any financial statement. No one has given me a financial
statement outlining any payments made to Mr. Shaw, the pathologist Mr. Hiserodt, or any
other varied and numerous costs. My property has been mishandled and to date has not
been returned. My attorney client conversations were shared with opposing counsel.
Mr. Fernandez even cashed a check from opposing counsel meant for me for production

I was promised a jury trial, by both Mr. Fernandez and Mr. Chaiten. My
relationship with a journalist was destroyed because my attorney breeched my
confidentiality by discussing a personal conversation.

48 Hours Mystery was going to film our trial and cover the entire case. They
flew producers from New York to interview my husband and I. The following day they
interviewed Private Investigator Shaw and Attorney Fernandez. After interviewing these
two individuals, they cancelled their project and left. Subsequent phone calls I made to
question what had happened were refused.

The emotional stress caused by the death of my daughter was only the beginning
of the trauma and pain my family and I have endured. The details of my daughters final
hours were something I never wanted to know. Attorney Fernandez had no regard for
requests that he not provide me with those details, recounting murder of my daughter in
explicit detail. I have been and will always be haunted by those words and the visions
such knowledge has conjured in my mind.


In addition, I retained Mr. Fernandez to represent me on a limited civil case in
which I was granted a $5,000.00 judgment. Mr. Fernandez failed to file the judgment
with the court and to date I have received nothing of that judgment. He refused to assist
me with this, claiming he was too busy with my trial. Mr. Fernandez claimed to have
filed a motion that this case be considered “Complex”, yet what was presented to my
family and me at trial proved to be no more than Fraud.

I trust that you will review the information I have provided in this letter in good
faith. To speak plainly, a grievous wrong has been made and I am committed to putting
this right.

I appreciate your assistance, and look forward to a speedy response.


Linda Cator

EDITOR’S NOTE: Anarchadia is gonzo journalism, we’re not here to prove anything, but remember these acts were committed during the Bush era, two years after 9/11. Clinton when Governor of Arkansas was witnessed getting drugs smuggled into the country by plane, there is still an unsolved murder, because someone witnessed it. And these arab, maybe Kuwaiti men, might have been the lower beasts of the operation, but corruption is everywhere, and always looks the same. Top United Nations officials were caught doing the same thing a few years back, in Eastern Russia, during the Bush Administration as well. No surprise, vote in corrupt officials, and they’re going to take full advantage of immunity and power. And I’m sure they have good people they have run around following false leads, like Scott Shaw, who has served for the U.S Government for over 20 years for the U.S Government, and who is more than certain that Linda is not a conspiracy theorist:

Following the events of 9/11, I was assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Anti-Terrorist Division where I assisted in complex criminal investigations conducted by the Los Angeles County Joint Terrorism Task Force, of individuals involved in the
submission of capped, false, and fraudulent insurance claims with suspected links to Terrorist.

I was assigned by the National Insurance Crime Bureau to the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force where I assisted task force members in the investigation of complex conspiracies to commit insurance frauds, other financial crimes, and crimes of violence by
members of Eastern European Organized Crime Groups.

I have been an Investigator in the State of California in excess of 20 years. During my tenure, I have interviewed hundreds of individuals involved in all aspects of the fraudulent claim process, other financial crimes, illegal narcotic activities, and crimes of violence.

  1. Dylan says:

    It’s scary that the U.S. has a history in funding illegal drugs. No wonder the legalization of marijuana has been so difficult to get started. The politicians didn’t want it done, it meant their funding for wars and other things would begin to decline.

  2. Xiomara Branson says:

    The podcast was so moving I hope you guys do more podcasts like this. Facebook is censoring some of your links when I share them, and google hides them

  3. Charlotte says:

    This website is so censored on Facebook I shared one link and my entire profile is now blocked for a month I cant even send private messages to tell people I have been blocked. After they made me show my ID keeping all my info hostage before putting me in a CIA jail for a month

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