BrainwashingI know for a fact, that the U.S Military and CIA thanks to Facebook and Google, have been conducting psychological warfare operations against the general public (Americans as well as people in other countries which is an international act of war according to the U.N). But I guess the U.N right now is more bothered with Iraq’s, I mean Afghanistan’s, I mean Iran and North Korea’s nuclear bomb making.  Which is total crap because we could obliterate those countries from 2 thousand miles away with the deep under water ICBM loaded submarines that WE have. Remember those old submarine action movies where they are loaded with nuclear missiles, with enough capacity to cause 30 Hiroshimas? Well it wasn’t just fiction, it is reality. Classified, but still reality. Instead we want to go there to put up our corporations, with nuclear bombs pointed at poor peoples heads, while corporations rob them blind for the elite.

Rich people are consumed with greed, that is why all these wars are going on, and blowing up in our faces. It’s like those huge empty mines they destroyed mountains, islands, lakes, oceans, and forests for. They are the true terrorists, the true axis of evil.

And to do this, they are now practicing on the general public, how to make internet activists/ investigative journalists crazy. As well as how best to convert anti-war activists into pro-war activists (like CIA Obama and CIA Hippy-Cocaine-Running-For-The-Bush-Family-In-Arkansas-Governor-Clinton). Or how to brainwash people into being their nazi army. Do not doubt for a second that this case recently reported in the CIA New York Times is random. And do not be naive enough to accept or imagine that the CIA and U.S Military aren’t more blood thirsty and enslaved to the desires of the rich, than ever before. This world is becoming a 1984 like global police state for a reason. Those in power want it and finance it. Just as they are building smart cities in the middle of deserts so that they can protect themselves with drones, just like Star Wars (the empire not the rebels). Or underground luxury bunker cities if they need to call our bluff. Sort of like the City of Ember movie, which is probably one of their wet dream scenarios. That, or them making us look like zombies so they can kill us all, in the name of protecting their slaves who will die the same hellish death as the “zombies” they will be butchering.

New York TIMES – Katie Krautwurst, a high-school cheerleader from Le Roy, N.Y., woke up from a nap. Instantly, she knew something was wrong. Her chin was jutting forward uncontrollably and her face was contracting into spasms. She was still twitching a few weeks later when her best friend, Thera Sanchez, captain of one of the school’s cheerleading squads, awoke from a nap stuttering and then later started twitching, her arms flailing and head jerking. Two weeks after that, Lydia Parker, also a senior, erupted in tics and arm swings and hums. Then word got around that Chelsey Dumars, another cheerleader, who recently moved to town, was making the same strange noises, the same strange movements, leaving school early on the days she could make it to class at all. The numbers grew — 12, then 16, then 18, in a school of 600 — and as they swelled, the ranks of the sufferers came to include a wider swath of the Le Roy high-school hierarchy: girls who weren’t cheerleaders, girls who kept to themselves and had studs in their lips. 

  1. cartomancia says:

    Use this information to remind yourself that every day is a new opportunity to change how
    we interact with world, and hence change the world we live in.

  2. Gale says:

    they are brainwashing everyone who will let them and outcasting anyone who wont how do they really think this will end when they made everyone anti social? i just hope its not poor people who lose this time

  3. Melvin says:

    I was looking for something like this then I tried to share it and realized how much facebook and google censor this website

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