Edward Snowden

Turns out NSA leaker Edward Snowden is really an actor being used by the government as part of a CIA limited hangout along with his cousin, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. They are monopolizing the internet with government money, while pretending to be Libertarians.

The NSA has a long history of its workers being anti-nazi, which the CIA and FBI don’t. The CIA and FBI even today back communist and nazi puppet leaders, under the guise of democracy. Obama. Bush. The theocracy of Iran. The monarchy of Saudi Arabia (which is actually a pawn of the British Monarchy). 


WARNING: I can vouch for the first part of this video about Mark being Edward’s cousin, and that the CIA sets up fake non-profits for “victims” they murdered to fund black ops projects, the rest I have no clue what they’re on about.

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  1. john says:

    Mark Zuckerberg was hired by the CIA through his cousin Edward Snowden, to create a CIA database like Myspace and Google + in over 190 countries. Jeff Rothschild VP of CIA Facebook and CIA asset, suggested to Mark Zuckerberg that Edward Snowden (which is a CIA invented alias) should pretend to leave to China then Russia, in order to act as a second secret agent whistleblower like Julian Assange (Australian Secret Serviceman recruited by the CIA), who is also an anarcho-capitalist like Jeff Rothschild and Snowden. Their job is to pretend the world is free, and that “heroes” can still get their information to light. This is not the reality, the reality is that governments in over 190 countries working for the City of London Corporate Interests, can now censor any story they want in the media, by making it seem unpopular, uninteresting, or because “people are all brainwashed” (not being massively censored in order to be brainwashed). The idea is to keep people in a state of lethargy, while they are constantly being suggested by nazi tyrants like Jeff Rothschild, that if they really wanted to they could find the truth.

    Jeff Rothschild arranged the marriage between Mark Zuckerberg and his chinese wife Priscilla Chan, who’s parents got very rich in China by helping the CIA install capitalism there after the fall of communism. Jeff Rothschild also is the one who suggested to Mark that he hire his sister to look less sexist, even though that just made him look more sexist, as well as nepotist (nepotism is illegal in the state of California except for CIA agents).

    Jeff Rothschild is funding all sides of WW3 and his associates include Priscilla Chan’s father, Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, Jordan Belfort, Bush family, Bin Laden family, Sarcozy, Berlusconi, Tony Blair, Richard Branson, Putin, Obama, Li Keqiang, Wen Jiabao, Ban Ki-moon, the british royal family, the pope, and many more members of the global crime organization. They are all planning to move to Australia and NZ, while those countries play a neutral role in WW3, just like the US did at the start of WW2. They are planning to mass murder 90% of humanity if they can, by doing the same thing Jeff Rothschild’s ancestors have been doing since Napoleon, which is genocide and international banking for profit.

    They need to be stopped now before it is too late…







  2. Knut Klopfer says:

    they can’t get away with it. Because they don’t know what is been happening in their Corrupted World. If they do this, there are measures taken to remove mankind from the planet for good.

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