Free EnergyAccording to Wikipedia: “Free energy suppression (sometimes new energy suppression) is a conspiracy theory claiming that technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are being suppressed by governments, corporations, or advocacy groups.”

Now we have to remember that the U.S Government spends a lot of money and effort making sure Wikipedia is rigged, and not as democratic as we would imagine. For example, George Bush’s Wikipedia is constantly being beatified, while his family’s nazi involvement, CIA assassinations and genocides never get mentioned.

We all know that if ever Petrol could be replaced Halliburton’s fracking patents would be worthless, and the military would have a harder time creating high powered killing machines, not to save lives, but to expropriate poor people and cull them regularly.

Well it turns out the car that runs on water is not a myth, and Tesla was right: ” capitalism is anti-science “. Tesla would know he got exploited by Edison, and mocked by Einstein. Here is the video showing his car working perfectly, and even being tested by experts.

It costs 350$ to make your car run on water, Google: Pentone Motor.

YouTube Preview Image


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