The Truth About Monsanto

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Monsanto is the sad story of imbecile opportunists trying to get wealthy off of a very bad idea:

Scientists know more than anyone else that Earth is a very fragile place. We thought stories like Monsanto only happened under regimes such as Hitler’s or Stalin’s. Never could we have imagined that the problem would actually be caused by our fellow citizens at home. Its’ not like people haven’t heard about Monsanto; there is just as much information about the issue, as there is disinformation. This is the Information Age we live in, we have to dig to find out lies, no matter how ridiculed they are by the “Corporatized” status quo; a status quo which obviously prefers to consume and debilitate our Global Village. They do that, instead of actually promoting a better way of life for all Earthlings. The same stupidity and myopic visions caused the mass Nazi graves, and has hid from Americans, that America has killed more people than Nazis and Communists, combined. That is the problem with money; it can turn an absolute blind eye on issues, no matter how out of hand those issues become (and no matter the flag or political ideology). The People can resist, but eventually after enough bombs and dead family members, they give in to Capitalist hope. That is the systemic reoccurrence some professors chose to mention about Capitalism; eventually, no matter the system, as long as it is Capitalist (meaning the use of monetary trade and wealth accumulation/property ownership) turns to Fascism. The basic principle of owning property leads to Fascism, a good example of that, is slavery in America.

I finally found out the truth about Monsanto on a French/German Channel called Arte (through a friend of mine); and since I never write articles unless I am absolutely certain of what I have to say, here are the fruits I bear.

Monsanto as with Veolia was invested in by Billionaires and their Hedge Funds, these weren’t the same ground up Companies which had been around for over 100 years; they were financed ideas, brought on by the very rich, similar to the Italian Mafias who invested in Hollywood. Monsanto was therefore sold to funds fronted by two ambitious billionaires, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (although we must remember that Forbes’s richest people list are economic bubbles, which can pop whenever the powerful/connected chose). The idea was to use the interest money from those funds to finance Monsanto, never losing a dime from the original sum deposited (just as Veolia had done before and continues to do, maybe that is why the French Media talks about Monsanto and the American Media talks about Veolia; gets journalists thinking they aren’t always censored and there might yet be justice to serve). These two men set up theses funds, to start funding programs in the beauteously declared name of philanthropy! Just as the rich fund U.N Ecological Programs in Colombia, ultimately servicing to further enslave the Columbian people, and rob them as usual, of their resources and land (as if we hadn’t heard that one before, the richest Countries in the World are still rich for very obvious reasons).

What happened was that these two Philanthropic foundations, started giving money to the African Agricultural Technological Foundation.  In exchange the African Foundation promised to buy Monsanto Products (just as there is a Veolia Foundation which gives funds to certain key people in Bolivia so that they soon forget about the prior Bechtel catastrophe, once again all in the name of philanthropy). The simplified version is: the very rich are forcing privatized water and food in poor Countries, just as they have already done in certain developed ones.  And none of this is sadly new.

These people are making the availability of fresh water and natural seeds more and more, scarce. They are turning nature into property, and scarcity equals profit, but it makes the World a very dangerous place in the future. They are buying up Politicians in America to do their biddings. And if the American people were ever to wake up to this, there are always a lot of cops to break up movements, to stop activists and through their media they obliterate organized protests (I don’t know if you ever tried to organize a protest it is a lot of work). They tell you that a good person works and a bad person who doesn’t work will probably end up in jail; which is fairly true George Bush is a free man, while activists are very poor, and regularly end up in jail.


Psyops Agents On Facebook

January 25, 2012 in Unspun News

I just got this by email, and it makes a lot of sense. I have been combating direct Facebook Censorship, as well as constant Troll Activity by numerous accounts, since July, and before (getting accounts deleted, etc…). Sometimes we even catch them, and they disappear. Read our other articles, and tell us what you think. We are Non-Profit, we do not advertise, we only gain support through facebook, and this issue touches 100’s of activists I know personally, and probably many more. I have been collecting testimonies for quite a while now. You decide, and please share if you do, because we need all of the public support we can get. You won’t see us on TV, or anywhere else because we are censored:

By: John Best

There is a group of agents who infested Facebook under the guise of being “truth soldiers”.  These agents fit in with the same sort of crap we’ve all heard from Alex Jones, David Icke, Ben Fulford and others with “names” for themselves who are foisted upon us as leaders.

These alleged leaders all have made lots of friends, most of them maxed out at the 5,000 friend limit.  They spend their days continually throwing links to abuses that are committed by the elites up on their walls.  They love to tell us the truth.  They also do something else that’s subversive and hurts all of us.

They urge us either to vote for Ron Paul, Obama, or another of their mainstream candidates.

OK, some people really do believe in Ron Paul and they’re hopelessly stuck in the false paradigm and don’t know how to escape from it.  That doesn’t mean they’re bad people.  Some others really do believe their votes don’t matter so they have quit on the system and I don’t blame them.  I used to be one of those people.  Then I saw the error in my thinking and I started voting again, first for Mickey Mouse for President, then for Tom Laughlin, Perot, Nader and others.

It’s extremely important to vote against the corrupt Democrats and Republicans.  If nobody votes against them, they’ll always win and we will always be up the creek.  Yet, these psychological warfare agents can never understand that logic.  They fight like wildcats to defend their positions of refusing to vote.  No matter how you try to point out to them that The People could elect one of us to the White House if we could just convince voters to vote against Dems and Reps, they just can’t grasp this.  It’s so simple to walk into the voting booth and vote for an Independent that you’d think it would be easy to convince people to go the bother.  But, here on Facebook, you are always undercut by one of these agents when you try to promote this simple philosophy towards voting.

This is the one truth these agents and the famous people like Alex Jones don’t want anyone to grasp.  With all of the “truth” they disseminate, it is amazing that none of them have figured out that voting is how we can win this battle to save our country and our freedom.  You would think that these “truthers” who post on Facebook all day long would be ranting and raving for people to use their votes against the elites.  But, they do just the opposite.  They go absolutely berserk to convince you not to vote at all.

Does anyone else find this odd?  Does anyone else see this deception?  Don’t people who read this “truth” that’s constantly presented to us wonder why these “truthers” aren’t trying to keep the Dems and Reps out of the White House?  They want us to be aware of all the evil but they don’t want us to solve the problem and defeat that evil.

It’s time for everyone to stop listening to these agents.  Recognize their deception.  Use your vote against the Dems and Reps.  Urge everyone you know to do the same.  If you don’t vote against them, that’s the same as voting for them.  The psychological warfare agents don’t want to know that.


SOURCES — US spy operation that manipulates social media:




A congressional committee hearing is being held today on the Homeland Security Department’s (DHS) monitoring of social media.

Further Links:





(this site mixes religious activism with real activism… playing on truth they are… but lots of useful info for non-religious activists… who get more censored than religion which has actually had quite a bit of freedom)



(Members of the Occupy Movement were posting serious info about geopolitics and only the dumbed down Occupy pages worked and got loads of likes… sorta like George W. Bush’s Like Page… don’t worry just because you are not like on facebook… doesn’t mean you are stupid… au contraire)

( Small indian companies getting censored over huge Corporations… needing more advertising… and Facebook censorship to block competition)

( A secret list curated by social network giant Facebook was published online recently after an employee for one of the company’s third-world contractors, upset at his poor working conditions and meager wage, decided to fight back.

The document reveals exactly what Facebook’s censorship brigade looks for on the social network, which boasts over 850 million users spanning the globe.

Referred to internally as the “bible,” the list prioritizes deletion of materials )… article forgets to mention that it is much less innocent… than stated!…


2009 New FOIA Documents Reveal DHS Social Media Monitoring During Obama Inauguration

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

Stochasticism VS. Truth

January 24, 2012 in Unspun News

“ It’s true that quantum physics is not 100% reliable, nor is astrology. But there is a difference. ” – Noam Chomsky

I was the first to get Noam Chomsky’s thoughts about 9/11, and published them against his wishes. I was never proud of this as an anarchist, but I told myself: that if Chomsky really was an Anarchist (and as transparent as he has said himself to be), he wouldn’t mind it. Noam Chomsky is a very nice person, so I did not do this to aggravate or insult him, I took every precaution. Why? Because I thought that the World needed to hear what Chomsky had to say about 9/11, even if my assumptions were wrong. We learn from other peoples mistakes.

Intellectuals in America are held by their cojones, you can’t just speak up against your Government. There are many long and precocious steps needed, in order to assimilate truth within the very close minded World of Academia. These long tedious steps give more than enough time for any malevolent criminal to do their deeds, within the large time frame offered by the PHDs. It’s the same basis as robbing a bank, you can get away with it if you have perfect timing, but the mistakes you made determine whether you get caught or not. Or Mass Murder, but see Academia would never do that. They would never compare macrocosmic situations with microcosmic situations; and if ever they did, there would be many rules in doing so. Academic Rules which would require a certain education to fully master. This education is privatized/expensive, and definitely not accessible by all of the good people out there; and those who do get that education are indebted financially for decades, to jobs they cannot lose. Good luck getting the truth out of an indebted PHD who can’t tell the truth because they have a boss who will not acknowledge it. And nobody who has struggled in life and makes it, wants to look back, and say maybe there is something wrong with how I was educated. No siry! They will become proud Capitalists. No guilt what so ever, for all those who did not make it financially, like they did. Good people have a tendency, of getting caught in the spokes of our great Elitist Wheel of Fortune.

Credibility is given to those who have shown that they are right. But anyone who has astutely observed our past, can see problems with that methodology. Credibility, usually ends up in the hands of wealthy educated criminals, who have no interest what so ever in losing their “credibility”. If we removed Donald Trump’s “credibility”, all that would be left of his image, would be a bald, greedy and miserable/mean fat guy. And we would all blame him for not getting a job, call him fat, fire him, etc… just as he has done to many others.

Credibility is an honor, and also a tool. We do not live in a World of truthful credibility when our minds are flooded with thoughts of uninformed/uniform stochasticism. We tried to get rid of magic and replace it with logic one Century ago. Yet superstitions are coming back in full force, 21st Century style. We can argue that more people know the truth, and that superstition is a psyops tool to ridicule credibility and logic when necessary. It is obvious that if you add some alien factor to any equation, the results will change, and no longer resemble the originally intended solution. That “common sense”, which isn’t as common as you and I take for granted. There are a lot more people who are rinsed in this World by daily superstition because: a wild imagination has always been the religion of the poor.

The truth is no one should have credibility in this World, but yet we chose to still give credibility away, as if it were popcorn. And, we always get upset when our interests are put astray, by those same people we trusted. Usually they call those people “Leaders”, Intellectuals or “Elites”, but if no Elite can be systemically truthful, then how can we hand over that credibility to the few? A force we wouldn’t even trust in the hands of our own person. There has to be an external element, which continuously blinds humanity from reaching a more equal solution to our complex, living and ever-changing algorithm. I consider that element is Money, and so did Jesus Christ (who I shouldn’t be citing being an anarchist). It is exactly because I am an Anarchist, that I cite this great historical figure, who was killed by the monetary hypocrisy of his best friend, why? Because no one is going to believe me, so I just say what I want.

Humans can see these patterns develop quite rapidly if they chose to research true collective human conscience. It is the ever blinding fervor of Capitalism, which blocks the very equality we seek; bringing me straight to my second point: Conspiracy.

When I saw 9/11 on TV I didn’t believe the whole thing, for one second. This whole David vs. Goliath mentality was really bugging me. Not to mention that when Bush Jr. got elected, there was a huge gasp of disappointment in America. Americans had witnessed 10 years prior Bush Sr., who had allowed another unjust war  which ended up as the worst War Catastrophe in Human History: the burning of Kuwait’s oil fields. I remembered browsing through the ghastly National Geographic pictures when I was a child. Clouds of manmade cancerous smoke could be seen from space. And there is one word everyone knows killed 9/11 Truth… and that word is “Conspiracy”.

“Conspiracy” had also killed the truth about Kennedy. To no one’s surprise, not even Noam Chomsky’s, George Bush was very involved in the Kennedy Assassination (before and after). The only Documents still held secret, are the Financial Statements which would implicate political officials like George Bush. So if there were a conspiracy, it would be that George H. W. Bush, has had good reason to change history and appear like a “credible” person, when those Kennedy files come out  (i.e., October 26, 2017). George Bush is just another fall guy, whether what I say is truth or not. So we haven’t even started to scrape the surface, of what reality really was, and is. Especially when the censorious term “Conspiracy” comes along.

“Conspiracy” was a word used by religions to repress and distort heresy. Or by Monarchs against those who questioned their ruler’s authority. Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder plot was deemed a “conspiracy against the state”, way back when Religion and State still openly worked together, and Science hadn’t yet taken up some of that “credibility”. Napoleon had a long list of conspirators, and he wasn’t exactly a nice leader. Ring a bell? Patriot act? Red Scare? Creating a list of conspirators? How did rational thinking PHDs not see these old dogmas which were being repeated after 9/11?  I would bet they just believed the Government would be honest with them; like every “credible source” fooled by these same or slightly altered tactics, before them.

“Conspiracy” is therefore, a rhetorical term for social control and information distortion. There are no black holes with information. And if ever there are, it is always because that information is being withheld, misused, purposely destroyed (traceable/untraceable), or just hard to find. In the information age, it is easy to hide things (just like the old Library of Alexandria you can just burn unwanted information); that is why we cannot lose any information we receive… no matter how unimportant it seems to our own selves. When Hitler burnt books in the name of the Vatican, he was burning books written by intellectuals. We must allow people to discern the truth, and like our ancestors: protect future generations with past information and knowledge the previous generations compiled. Conspiracy or no conspiracy, conspiracies don’t kill people! People who are made to believe fictitious conspiracies kill people while making others very rich. So let us not completely disregard the murders of Dr. Kelley, and Pat Tillman .

There is also the proven smearing of outspoken critics of Wars and Greed I mentioned. Such as Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Dominque Strauss Kahn, Martin Luther King, all smeared Kennedy Hoax style. Somehow those who are trying to promote a better World, all are made to look like womanizers, pedophiles and drug addicts. Remember Michael Jackson “Heal the World” ? I rest my case.

Nigerian Revolt 2012 Censored

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Editor’s Note: Nigerians are revolting against huge cuts on their public programs, in order to make the cost of Petrol cheaper for Big Petrol Corporations, who have an interest in buying their Petrol cheap… such as Shell. This is being completely censored by the Mainstream Media, except for an article in which the Vatican Pope hypocritically expresses his sadness. Today the fascists express sadness, while infiltrating madness, like Obama: resigning the Patriot act he had “sadly” promised to stop. Let us not forget the Vatican supported Hitler, Mussolini, Franco. The Vatican was even aided by European/American Governments, in silencing Jewish Citizens for an Investigation of the Vatican’s World War 2 Actions against Jews. Which means the Vatican backs and covers up for Corporations such as IG Farben and IBM ( who helped/profited off of the mass murder, of millions of political dissidents, not only jewish people as Israel would have us believe).

Nigeria has twice the Population of France… yet only 1% of Nigeria has access to Internet… compared to 67,4 % in France… Both Countries have Corrupt Governments… Both Silenced Revolutions… Both controlled by the Corporatized Empire…

Nigeria – Population: 126,635,626 – Number of Television Stations: 2

Number of Television Stations: 2 Number of Television Sets: 6,900,000

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: 200,000

” The Niger Delta holds some of the world’s richest oil deposits, yet Nigerians living there are poorer than ever ” – National Geographic

Shell resumes work in Nigerian oil field – UPI

ABUJA, Nigeria, Jan. 6 (UPI) — Though investigations are ongoing, Royal Dutch Shell announced it resumed production from the Bonga field in Nigeria following a Dec. 20 oil leak.

Shell, in a statement to Bloomberg News, said production resumed at the Bonga field in Nigeria. The field was producing around 200,000 barrels of oil per day before the company shut it down following a December leak.

Shell closed operations at the offshore Bonga production platform following the discovery of a leak from an export line feeding a tanker. The company said preliminary estimates indicate less than 40,000 barrels of oil spilled. Bloomberg noted, however, that estimate made it one of the worst in Nigeria in decades.

Shell said it was investigating what it said was a “faulty line” from the offshore production platform. Shell has a legacy of oil spills in the Niger Delta region. The company blames saboteurs and oil bandits for most of the accidents.

Meanwhile, force majeure was declared on a field tied to an export terminal in Nigeria because of leaks elsewhere, the company said.

Nigeria is faced with security challenges because of a decision by the government to end a fuel subsidy in place for 38 years. Tensions are further escalated by threats from Islamic militants Boko Haram.

Read more:

A New High Point For Police Brutality

December 6, 2011 in Articles

” New York Police Are Ordered to Let Journalists Work”… – NY Times Headines

NO American stands for the taxpayer funded Police beatings on innocent fellow citizens… whether they be journalists… or activists… that is what the Nazis allowed… and our Country definitely wasn’t built for Nazis

The police had no legal right… in the first place… they were tampering with our 1st Amendment Rights… ( infringing on the freedom of the press )… The Patriot Act is over… America isn’t at War… it is causing Wars… and that is illegal as well!…

The only reason this mass corruption hasn’t been put on trial… is because our officials are all too corrupt… so don’t look at them for help!… When that happens the people need to take the criminals out of their homes and bring them to justice… just like our Government did… to Sadaam… and Bin Laden… except they just kill people and don’t follow international laws… and the Military and Police… have NO right stopping Americans… WE HAVE ALL SUFFERED QUITE ENOUGH

American Leaders and Elites need to be brought before justice… Police who hit on their own people… are not ”For the People”… and when our officials do get corrupted… it is every American Citizen’s right… to go out and get this justice… without tasers… flash bombs… sonic weapons… batons… mass arrests… chaos kettling… infuriation tactics…

Tell the CIA to stop its operations in New York City… no citizen would have authorized more funding for the CIA… knowing that some CIA assets are Religious Extremists and Fascist Dictators… Bill Gates Son… Dick Cheney’s Daughter… George Bush’s Daughter… Clinton’s daughter… Gaddhafi… Sadaam Hussein… Robert Gates… Pinochet… the Ayatolah of Iran… etc…

Those people are legally accountable for their crimes… just because we haven’t got up and done it yet… gives no right for these people to continue to oppress us…

# AnarchadiaCENSORED on Facebook